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 DF™ TopList Professional
Professional ranking system (powerfull anti-cheat, reset/no reset mode, count Hits In after Out Hits, "freezing" account in toplist, categories, MultiAdd, random redirection from a selected sites amount and much more).
   Toplist has a multilevel anti-cheat protection and traffic filtration system. Cheaters autoblocker.
   Any kind of graphical statistics: traffic (Raw/Uniq/In/Out/Click/Proxy), referrer, by countries (GeoIP) and cheat statistics.
   Low system requirements: not used MySQL, Perl, PHP.
   Toplist can be installed above other toplists with preservation of members' database and entrance links.
   There is free version, with decreased number of functions.

 DF™ Web-Traffic Shop
System for purchase-sale of the web traffic by the various countries and the categories.
   Division of the traffic into groups (country, Uniq, Proxy, Cheat, SE Bots, Referrer, JavaScript, Cookie, Java, Internet Explorer, Connection Type: lan/modem/unknown/All).
   Multiple kinds of statistics: by the countries, by traffic types, traffic properties and the "cheated" traffic, Referrer (referring pages).
   Cheat Protection, are applied different anticheat mechanisms.
   There are administrative and member's zone.
   There is free version - for traffic.

 DF™ Site Monitor
System for monitoring web sites. The system allows monitoring the availability of web sites and their content by checking whether the given content exists or does not exist on the site.
   Several methods of user notification when a site changes its status: E-mail/GET/Cmd&stdout.
   Simultaneous scanning of multiple sites. Multithreaded site checking.
   API interface for using the system as a module for other scripts.

 DF™ Perl Informer
Small Perl script, permitting to find out a lot of a useful information about the server and client.
   Detailed server Information: OS, Host Name, Server Name, Server IP, GMT, last reboot time, overall server load, process, memory, hard discs, CPU, Perl modules, environment variables...
   Client information: User Agent, IP, Proxy, Accept Language, Cookie, Referrer, time and date, connection type...
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