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A resource for toplist users:
This service allows toplist users manage multiple toplist accounts. All the functionality of a personal toplist cabinet supported: editing, viewing stats, mailing, etc. The service is free, Learn more...
  - If you run a toplist based on DF TopList Pro/Lite, you may add your toplist to the database of this service for free.


Adding a toplist to the system.

  Having added a toplist to the system, you give your users a convenient service and get additional promotion of your toplist by attracting other webmasters who use the service.
Anybody can add his or her toplist to the system. To do this, you need a toplist based on DF TopList Pro/Lite v2.6 or higher. If you still don't own such a toplist, you can download a free copy of DF TopList Lite from the developer's web site.

Conditions of adding:
- You need to place our banner on the login page to the personal cabinet of toplist users.
- Your toplist should not have any illegal content.

Toplist addition form.
Toplist name:
Example: MyTOP.com
Address URL:
Example: http://mytop.com/
Member zone web address:
Example: http://mytop.com/cgi-bin/members.cgi
Example: wallpapers
Example: ICQ: 1234777, user@mymail.com
Example: Banner size: 100x60

Placing the banner.
To add the banner insert one of the HTML codes given below to the /templates/member_login.htm file. You can use a template editor in the administrator zone to do that: admin.cgi->Edit the Design and Templates->Members Area Templates->Login Members Area.

Example 1:
Managing multiple toplist accounts

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