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A resource for toplist users:
This service allows toplist users manage multiple toplist accounts. All the functionality of a personal toplist cabinet supported: editing, viewing stats, mailing, etc. The service is free, Learn more...
  - If you run a toplist based on DF TopList Pro/Lite, you may add your toplist to the database of this service for free.


Managing toplist accounts.

  This service is based on DF Toplist MultiMembers(TMM) system which allows working with multiple toplist accounts in different toplists, all simultaneously.

To use this service you need an account in the toplists which are on the system list.
To start working, you need to register.

Adding accounts to the system.
After registration you need to enter the information about your accounts in toplists.
Adding an account: choose the toplist where the account you are adding is, enter the data to login into the personal cabinet (ID and password). Click "Add account". After this your account will appear in "Toplist accounts". Repeat adding to enter all the accounts you would like to manage.

Editing the data.
There are two ways of editing account data in the system.
The first method is simple editing of multiple accounts (picture above). Choose the fields you would like to edit (Site Title, Description, Site Url..), click "Edit Members" - and you'll get all the edited accounts to your screen. Change the info you need and save the changes.
The second method is account multi-editing (see picture). The difference is that there is only one form for editing. The edited fields which are the same for all the selected accounts are filled in. If the edited field is different for some accounts, it is inactive. To activate it, check the checkbox near it.

All the types of statistics available for toplist members are supported.
Basic traffic stats (Raw/Uniq/In/Out/Clicks), hourly, daily and monthly stats also available.

Referrers stats for multiple accounts.

Country stats.

Message exchange through a web interface (MailBox).
The system's mailing capabilities allow exchanging messages with administrators and users of multiple toplists. All the messages from the selected accounts are stored in the system folders: Inbox, Outbox, Trash.

System information and your toplist link.
Here you can learn about the toplist reset time, time of last rating page update and get other useful information.

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